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Spring Wheat

AAC Brandon HRS, Technical PDF

AAC Connery HRS, Technical PDF

AAC Crossfield CPS, Technical PDF 

CDC Landmark VB Midge Tolerant HRS, Technical PDF

Sy Chert Wheat VB midge tolerant wheat.

AAC Viewfield HRS, Technical PDF

Barley (Malt)

AAC Synergy, Technical Information (External Site)

Sirish, Technical Information (External Site)

Fava Bean

A medium size faba bean with higher yields than Snowdrop.

  • zero tannin (typically grown for feed)
  • high yield and excellent lodging resistance
  • larger seed size than Snowdrop but smaller than many tannin varieties (450-550g TKW)
  • medium maturity (roughly 100 days)


CDC Arborg – White Milling, Technical PDF

CS Camden, Technical PDF


AAC Carver (Yellow), Technical PDF

AAC Chrome (Yellow), Technical Information (External Site)

AAC Comfort (Green), Technical PDF

Canterra Canola 

CS2400, Technical PDF

CS2600 Cr-T, Technical PDF

CS2300, Technical PDF

CS2100, Technical PDF

CS2000, Technical PDF

CS2500 CL, Technical PDF

CS2200 CL, Technical PDF

CANTERRA 1918, Technical PDF

CANTERRA 1970, Technical PDF